Thursday, 24 July 2014

We are building a house !

After the triple disaster in Japan on March 11, 2011, we made the very difficult decision to move to Australia. We have been here since November 2011 and in that time have bought 3 cars and sold 2. Kame aka Turtle has brought his dream motor bike and now we own some land and are building a house! We couldn't have done any of this without our amazing Aussie and Japanese families. Thank you. We bought land at Warner Lakes, about 5 minutes from Kames work. We are building with Coral Homes. It's been quite a journey already but worth it so far.
 Here is the process so far so you can see how long it took. 
Land deposit  17/11/2013 手付け金 (土地)
House deposit 24/11/2013 手付け金  (建物)
Land loan approval 6/01/2014 土地ローン認可
Land settlement 16/01/2014  土地売買成立
House contract signing 27/03/2014 契約書にサイン
House loan approval 17/04/2014 銀行から住宅ローン認可がおりる。 
Colour selection appointment 28/04/2014 内装、外装カラーミーティング
Clipsal appointment  30/04/2014 電装関係ミーティング
Council approval  4/06/2014 市役所から住宅建築の認可がおりる。
 Covenant approval. 30/06/2014 土地開発会社からの認可がおりる。
Build start date 17/07/2014 着工

 We chose the land because of the unique shape. This made the land cheaper per square meter and meant that we needed to choose a builder that could do a custom design for us. We had plans from GJ Gardener, Hallmark Homes and Coral Homes because they were in our budget. We really liked the display home at GJ Gardener but they were too slow in getting a draft plan to us. It was a toss up between Hallmark and Coral homes at the end and we just liked the custom design that Andrew from Coral Homes did for us a bit better. We have had to take a long time in getting to the building stage due to us being in Japan while settlement went through and also some appointments have been while I was in Sydney on my course so we had to postpone.