Tuesday, 29 April 2008

2008 - first visitors from Oz- Part 1

Back in January we had our first visitors. Ryan (Mac), Sarah and Wilson (Sarah's bump) came from Oz and stayed with us for a few days on their way to the snow in Niseko.
It was fantastic fun and guys you can stay with us any time. Not sure our neighbours will be too keen. Lets just say that the 4.2 of us were snoring loud enough to drown out the guy down stairs. Of course lots of beers, food, fun and sights will do that.

January 16th
We met them at the platform of the Narita Express. Sarah, Turtle and Mac at Shinjuku Station
Sarah, Koala and Mac at Shinjuku Station

We then headed through Kabuki-cho, the Red Light District, where we bumped into some interesting characters.

Ryan and Sarah pose with a new half Onigiri (a transgender person dressed up as a riceball)

Final destination, Ikkyu, an Izakaya (restaurant/bar) that's a favourite with uni students. Cheap prices and big serves.

Ryan got to drink beer on the train.....

.....and Sarah quickly becomes one of the locals.

January 17th
The next day took a walk around the neighborhood. I love taking visitors for a walk to the end of our street and showing them this
GoJuuNoTo 5 story pagoda at Korinji temple

GoJuuNoTo 5 story pagoda and headstones at Korinji temple

Main temple at Kourinji temple

Mac and Sarah at Korinji temple in Chiyogaoka

Sarah using an Oke -bucket and hishaku-scoop to clean the headstones

We then went to the local Cafe and encountered a Yakuza lunch meeting. I am serious!! Sorry no pictures for obvious reasons. After a feed we hoped on the trains and headed to Asakusa.

Asahi Flame -otherwise known as the golden poo

KaminariMon - Thunder gate at Sensouji temple also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple

Nakamise dori - middle shopping street

Thunder gate

Gojuunoto 5 storey pagoda at Asakusa

Main temple at Asakusa

Sarah tries some incense purification

Ryan tries some water purification- keep trying buddy

hyottoko- fireman mask and okame-woman mask

A Japanese god

Shishi lion mask

After a long day of walking around we headed back to meet Turtle at his parents place and then headed out for dinner and bed.

Mac, Sarah and Maki-chan

Daddy turtle- Katsumi

Misa, Mac, Mummy Turtle (Sumiyo) and Sarah

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Koala and Turtle have been slacking off...again

Yes...We know we promised to post more often. No excuses this time!!! We will just get on with it!!

Well, it is Spring here in Japan!! A crazy season it has been. But more of that later.
I have a love hate relationship with spring.

I hate it because I get really bad hayfever but...

I love the flowers budding and blooming. The birds start chirping again. You know all that Its a new beginning, rebirth and all of of those sentiments that I am a sucker for. I love Japanese Spring because of the cherry blossoms and the fantastic event called Hanami. Hana means flower and mi means look/watch /view. So flower viewing or more to the point cherry blossom viewing events are right up my alley, because in Japan nothing is celebrated with out a bunch of friends, food and drinks.

At Shukugawara, Kawasaki with the Iishida Family

At Tamagawa with the Mamoru, Yuka and the gang

At Shukugawara with Turtle and Bic

Photos of Kame/Turtle , Bic and some guys fooling around

Cherry blossoms and Carp

Cherry blossoms on the river

Photos from around Shukugawara near where Turtle was born and grew up